1911 Tactical Grips

Custom 1911 Tactical Grips

At Wicked Grips, we take pride in the fact that every item we produce is designed and manufactured in the United States from US-sourced materials. Our engraved artwork provides added texture to provide firm traction for tactical and competition use. Plus, it makes our grips look and feel great in your hand. All of the artwork is designed by our in-house artist, Kade Strange, making each product unique to Wicked Grips.


Our selection of grips includes products in a wide range of sizes from compact to full-size grips, plus options to fit 1911s from various manufacturers, including Colt, SIG Sauer, Kimber, and more. They all feature an ambi safety cut. Click over to our 1911 Grip Fit Guide, which makes it easy to find a set that fits your gun size and brand.


Grips are pictured with our Gemstone Grip Screws, which are sold separately.