1911 Fullsize

Custom SIG 1911 Full-Size Grips

Browse our stock of Sig Sauer 1911 Full-Size grips, designed to fit all the major makes of the SIG 1911 line of full-size pistols. Our SIG Sauer 1911 grips are made in the USA from US-sourced Aluminum and G10 formed into shape on precision CNC machinery. Each firearm grip is then either deep engraved in our designs, the details of which provide a comfortable but aggressive grip texture, or, on our G10 line, given a finish with custom artwork by our in-house artist, Kade Strange. Either option is extremely durable and each of our custom SIG Sauer gun grips comes with a lifetime warranty on workmanship. Once you add these great grips, you'll not just see but feel the difference.


Customers can also opt to order full custom grips with their own art or ideas and can contact us to fill out a custom order form. We will respond quickly to answer questions and reply with a price quote on your idea.


Grips are pictured with our custom Gemstone Grip Screws, available for purchase separately on this site.