Custom Revolver Grips


At Wicked Grips, we're proud to provide high-quality, great-looking revolver grips to give shooters the best possible experience. Our line consists of two fits: one for J-frame revolvers and one for K, L, and X-frame revolvers.


We have a variety of revolver grip textures available, including smooth, checkered, and diamond grips, as well as our own HEXWAVE texture. This texture was designed by Kade Strange, our in-house artist, and it not only looks great, it's also just as effective as other textured grips at keeping your revolver firmly in place.


All Wicked Grips products are made in the US with US-source materials and are finished with hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant PVD. This PVD finish is available in a range of colors: Rose Gold, Blue, Gold, Gunmetal, Bronze, and Rainbow. With all of these options, it's easy for our customers to find just the right grip.