CZ Screws

CZ Grip Screws
Our CZ 75 grip screws fit the CZ-75 series of handguns including P01, SP01, Shadow, Shadow 2, TSO, Parrot and other models that use the standard CZ 75 stock factory screws. Precision made in the USA from hardened stainless steel then set with gemstones in our studio. Our custom CZ grip screws will fit factory OEM rubber grips and G10 grips as well as our custom Aluminum CZ75 grips. Our custom grip screws are easy to install and come with tool bit which must be inserted into a screw driver handle. Installation of screws does require basic tools and ability. If you are not familiar with working on your firearm safely, we recommend taking it to a reputable gunsmith.  Made in USA and finished in PVD or polished stainless.