1911 Fullsize Standard

1911 Full Size Grips
Our 1911 Full size grips fit the Government and Commander models handguns from many top makers of 1911 pistols. Top makers like Springfield Armory, Colt, Kimber, Rock Island, Taurus and many others. Our 1911 Grips fit stock OEM style frames and can use factory screws or our own Custom pistol grip screws. If you are unsure what model you have, please feel free to click on our grip fit page or our Shop by Brand page. We offer dozens of art design themes in tons of color options from carry texture aluminum grips to exotic Mammoth ivory and wood. Each set comes with a lifetime warranty on workmanship! Installing is simple, just remove your grip screws, and change the factory grips to ours and either reinstall your factory screws or use our custom screw options!