Beretta 92 compact

Custom Beretta 92 Compact Grips

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The art on these grips has been created by our in-house artist Kade Strange, and is then Type II anodized onto machined aluminum panels for extra durability without extra weight. Anodizing is not a material but a process that changes the surface of the metal. It is not a paint, hydro dip, or sticker. It won't peel and is resistant to scratches and abrasions. The only way it can be damaged is with some form of aggressive abrasive, like sandpaper. It will last a lifetime as long as you don’t abuse it.


Our Beretta 92 Compact grips fit the Beretta 92 Compact, Beretta 92 Compact Carry, and Wilson Combat 92G Compact carry, not the full-size Beretta 92FS or 80s series pistols.