CZ Tactical Grips

Custom CZ Tactical Grips


Elevate your shooting experience with Wicked Grips. Order your CZ tactical sport grips today and feel the difference in your gun immediately. 

Our CZ 75 custom grips, available in G10 and aluminum, boast a design that not only feels exceptional in your hand but also adds a touch of uniqueness with a selection of PVD colors to choose from.  Whether you prefer a fine checkering or aggressive grip texture, we offer various color options to suit your style.

At Wicked Grips, we take pride in our craftsmanship. All our CZ 75 grips are CNC machined in the USA to factory OEM spec, ensuring the highest quality and precision. Our grips are designed to fit seamlessly on CZ Shadow 2 and TSO full-size frame guns, although removal of the magwell may be required if equipped. 

Wicked Grips is the ultimate destination for premium CZ tactical sport grips designed to elevate your shooting experience. Crafted to fit CZ85, SP01, CZ75B, Shadow 2, and TSO full-size frame models, our grips are meticulously engineered to fit perfectly and enhance your handling.

Pair your grips with our screws, available for separate purchase, which are compatible with both factory models and our custom grips. Explore our selection of screws on our CZ screw page.