1911 Compensators

Custom 1911 Compensators

Quick Installation, Compact Profile, Suppresses Recoil


Our custom 1911 compensators feature deep engraved stainless steel, not a surface marking. The engraving patterns on these compensators coordinate with our 1911 grip patterns so you can mix and match your compensator and grips.


Simply replace the barrel bushing on your muzzle with a 1911 compensator. Our compensators feature three gas ports for venting gasses for instant reduction of muzzle flip and felt recoil; allows faster return to target and quicker follow-up shots. Compatible with a Commander/Government length slide, and only adds a little over an inch and minimal weight to your pistol barrel. May require minor fitting.


NOTE: Some parts require experience or a gunsmith to install. If you are not sure about an item and the installation process, or its compatibility with your particular weapon, contact us and we will help you select the right part for your needs. If you are unsure how to install a part, we recommend taking your gun to a reputable gunsmith for installation.