Beretta Screws

Beretta grip screws
Our Beretta 92 series grip screws are made in the USA, right here in Flint Michigan. Made on precision machines from stainless steel, then heat treated, then finally polished or finished in our PVD colors. The gemstones are then hand set by one of our artists. Our Beretta grip screws are made to fit our custom pistol grips as well as Beretta factory stock grips and frames. The Beretta grip screws not only fit the Beretta 92FS , 96 and 92x pistols, but our Beretta grip screws also fit the Beretta 80x series handguns and older 80's series Cheetah 84,85,87. Our custom grip screws fit the Girsan Regard as well! Each grip screw set comes with the special bit to install the screws.