Sig Screws

Custom Sig Grip Screws


While SIG's factory screws are perfectly functional, at Wicked Grips, we like our grip screws to pop. So, our answer to SIG Sauer screws is our Gemstone Grip Screw.


Unique Art for Your Handgun

All of our SIG Sauer Gemstone Grip Screws are made right here in Flint, Michigan, and are precision machined from corrosion-resistant steel. First, our screws are heat treated, providing an individualized natural finish. Each one is an individual piece of art at the best price possible. We pair our grip screws into matching sets, but no two Wicked Grips screws are identical.


Finishing Touches

Next, the screws are polished or finished in our PVD color finishes. Finally, one of our artisans sets a gem into the center of the screw head by hand. We have twenty gemstone options, which you may pair with a gold, black, or stainless finish.


Compatible Pistols and Grips

We make grip screw kits for the SIG Sauer P226/P228/P229/P239, P238/P938, and 320 AXG pistol. The SIG P226 and P238 sets come in a stainless steel finish, while the SIG 320 AXG sets come in a Gold or Black PVD finish.

Our screws are machined to achieve a perfect fit with your OEM grips, factory-dimensioned aftermarket grips, and Wicked Grips SIG Sauer grips.


Notes about our Gemstone Grip Screws

Our P226/PP229 screws do not fit the P229 40/.357 or older German P229 variants which have a shorter screw length.

In addition, our gemstone placement in our screw heads means that our screws aren't standard Allen head screws or flat head screws. We include a tool for installation and removal with each screw set.