Wood 1911 Grips

Custom 1911 Wood Grips

Wicked Grips was founded over 20 years ago, handcrafting custom 1911 wood grips to levels of fit and quality not seen in factory grips. Each grip we make is based on high-grade exotic woods; wood species like Sonoran Desert Ironwood which is a material we also introduced to the gun world. Sonoran Desert Ironwood has a unique grain pattern and rich golden color only found in the highest grade levels. Each wood grips set we create features our unique fitment style that we also pioneered, nesting the safety lever into the plunger tube cut in a precise way that is often copied but never duplicated. Our exotic wood 1911 grips are for the full size Government model and Commander model size pistols.

Full size 1911 wood grips pair nicely with our custom grip screws and come pictured with our screws. While not included, the 1911 grip screws are available for purchase.