1911 Spring Plugs

Custom 1911 Spring Plugs

Browse our stock of 1911 custom recoil spring plugs and find the perfect addition to your 1911.


Each spring plug is built to a level of detail that is not typically found in the gun industry. American-crafted pieces that are truly unique in the firearms industry.


Our 3D recoil spring plug styles are CNC machined with a PVD coating or hot cast from pure bronze or .925 sterling silver material, depending on the style.


Engraved styles are made from engraved art in stainless steel, brass, or anodized aluminum. All recoil spring plug artwork is designed in-house by our artist Kade Strange.


Each 1911 recoil spring plug will fit both Government model 5″ barreled 1911 handguns and the Commander series pistols with 4-4.25″ barrels.


Our 1911 recoil spring plugs are a drop-in replacement for a standard-style recoil spring plug, not a hollow plug used with full-length guide rods. If your 1911 has a full-length guide rod (typical of many Kimbers and some other makes), you can easily retrofit it with the shorter “GI” guide rod and spring in our 1911 parts section.



Care must be taken when installing to not allow the sharp edge of the bushing to mar the 3D Insert. You can apply a small piece of masking tape on the face of the plug, then be sure to use a nonmarring 1911 bushing wrench to install the plug.

If you do not have the ability or tools to install your spring plug, we suggest finding a reputable gunsmith to save yourself the risk of damage.


If you have any questions about installation or these products in general, please contact us and our dedicated customer support team will be happy to provide answers.