1911 3D Metal Spring Plug - Spike - Government

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26-024 1911 Government Brass Spike Spring plug
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1911 Brass Government recoil spring plug. Designed to give a gritty, hardcore look and feel to your weapon. Finished by hand by one of our artisans, which further brings out the three-dimensional features of this plug.

Note/Disclaimer: This part is pointed, and under spring pressure. Care must be taken to install this part safety. Follow all safety rules when handing your firearm, and when installing parts. Wear eye protection, and use a proper polymer 1911 bushing wrench. If you are not qualified to install the part, please had a qualified gunsmith install this part.


These plugs will only fit the 5" barreled government model full-size This will only fit guns with a bushing barrel and short GI style Guide Rod.


See video below for fit and installation tutorial.