1911 Grips crafted from Meteorite

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1911 Grips crafted from Meteorite
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1911 Grips crafted from Meteorite

For billions of years this piece floated in space. Travelled thru space outside our world. Then approximately 1 million BCE, it impacted into northern Sweden. It lay there undiscovered until 1906. Extremely expensive and rare this piece of the Muonionalusta Meteorite was crafted into a set of one of a kind, extremely rare and valuable grips for your treasured 1911. Showing vivid crystal iron pattern known as Widmanstatten pattern, this crystal lattice is only formed in the cold vacuum of space when the molten iron core of the planetoid that formed the meteor cooled. 

You are literally holding a piece of the universe billions of years old before it landed on our world. 


From Miles at Santa Fe “Presenting Santa Fe Stoneworks Exotic 1911 Grips- our mission is to offer Heirloom 1911 grips with the same Craftsmanship and Fine finishes we are known for our Knives. Materials used in our grips are of some of the Finest Fossils and Natural Gemstones in the industry.”

Fitment: 1911 Fullsize standard frame.  Grips are pictured with our exclusive Black PVD grip screws featuring Red Opal gemstones, not included but available if you follow this link:1911 CUSTOM GRIP SCREWS

We fit to Les Baer and Colt frames. Will fit any standard 1911 frame that follows 1911 tolerances. We fit the plunger tube and left side safety with these quality guns in mind. While this set will fit any standard 1911, variations in plunger tube, mainspring housing pins slide release and safety levers may require added care when first installing. Do no force grips onto a gun that is not fit for this configuration. If they require extra minor fitting to your exact needs, please contact us and let us assist you. 

Due to the rarity and value of this set, we will not be able to offer free shipping. A fixed price shipping fee will be added which will allow us to ship via 2nd day fully insured with signature delivery.