CZ75 Gold PVD Gemstone Screw kit

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CZ75 Gold PVD Gemstone Screws

FOR STEEL FRAME ONLY: Custom CZ75 Grip Screws for the iconic CZ family of pistols including: CZ-75, CZ75 Compact P01 steel Frames, CZ-97, CZ-82, CZ-83, CZ P06, TZ-75, CZ-85, CZ Shadow 2, EAA Witness


CZ75 Gold PVD Gemstone Screws




Each screw kit (set of two) is made right here in Flint Michigan USA, then coated in a Black PVD finish. Our PVD coatings are not only beautiful, but tough as nails with a surface hardness well above normal gun finishes. Its a costly process but gives jewelry grade results. Finally, each gem is set by hand by one of our artisans. The screws come with a lifetime warranty against flaws in our workmanship.

Each set of two comes with tool bit to fit screws. Please insert tool bit into a standard hex handle for installation. Each screw is designed to work with the factory grips, our Wicked Grips versions, as well as other after market grips with correct factory dimensions.