Signature Series 1911 GRIPS DESERT IRONWOOD BURL SET 048

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Signature Series 1911 GRIPS DESERT IRONWOOD BURL SET 048
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Signature Series 1911 GRIPS DESERT IRONWOOD BURL SET 048

Signature series grips are crafted from the top 10% of wood, then see several extra hours of hand sanding and polishing, with a 3 part oil finishing process that brings out the inner fire of the wood in a rubbed polished look, without the harsh gloss of chemical finishes. Each set has our brand logo inset in copper in the back, our mark that is only inlaid in the signature series!

Handcrafted from a block of highly figured Sonoran Desert Ironwood burl which is a material Wicked Grips pioneered in the gun industry 2 decades ago. Handcrafted by Oliver Washburn in our Michigan workshop.  

Photos are done in a studio under natural light or 5k "daylight" studio lighting. We cannot replicate all the various different lighting situations customers may experience, and wood grain in grips will differ in hue and chatoyance in different lighting. Desert ironwood will have bright gold to dark browns and orange / reds in natural daylight, but will appear darker hued under lower light levels. 

Fitment: 1911 Fullsize standard frame, single side safety magwell bottom. Grips can be adjusted for Ambi.. please inquire and we can fit them to your ambi needs before shipping. Pictured on a Dan Wesson 1911 Specialist 9mm. Grips are pictured with our exclusive Black PVD grip screws featuring Red opal stones, not included but available if you follow this link:1911 CUSTOM GRIP SCREWS

This set has been fit to Les Baer and Colt frames. The plunger tube fitment and left side safety was fit with these quality guns in mind. While this set will fit any standard 1911, variations in plunger tube, mainspring housing pins slide release and safety levers may require added care when first installing. Do no force grips onto a gun that is not fit for this configuration. If they require extra minor fitting to your exact needs, contact us and let us assist you.

Note on installation. Grip screws can damage exotic material grips if over torqued. Do not overtighten grip screws. There is no need for this. Grips come with orings installed, simply snug up grip screws. You may use a small dab of blue loctite if you feel its necessary. We will not warranty any damage to grips from over tightening grip screws.








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