1911 Bobtail

Custom 1911 Bobtail Grips

Our custom Bobtail 1911 grips are the best replacement on the market for factory bobtail grips. The slightly beveled bottom complements the round butt of the bobtail cut, making your 1911 even easier to conceal. The ambi safety cut ensures that you'll be able to continue to use your safety regardless of positioning.


These grips widely fit models including the Ed Brown Bobtail, Dan Wesson CBOB and VBOB, Kimber Super Carry, and similar full-size and Commander model 1911 pistols. If you're not sure if our grip sets will fit your pistol, check out our fitment guide or reach out via our contact form and we'll help you find the perfect fit.


Note: Choosing not to take advantage of these resources means that you take on the purchase risk should your grips fit incorrectly or not at all. We have instituted a 20% restocking fee on any non-fitting part that was purchased by mistake. Thanks for your understanding!


Grips are pictured with our Gemstone Grip Screws in the two center holes. These screws are not included but are available for purchase separately.