1911 Bobtail

1911 Bobtail / Kimber Super Carry aluminum graphic art grips

Our grips are pictured with our screws, which are available as a separate purchase. If interested, click the link in the ad to take you to our 1911 screw page.

THESE MODELS WILL FIT THE ED BROWN BOBTAIL, DAN WESSON CBOB AND VBOB AS WELL AS KIMBER SUPER CARRY AND OTHER SIMILAR MODELS… WITH OR WITHOUT AMBI SAFETY. Please click on photo to see product description page before ordering. Grips are pictured with our gem screws, not included, but available for purchase.

“Note: We strive to give each customer as much information as possible before they make a purchase. Videos, descriptions, and phone/email support are all provided in order to educate the customer on what will, or will not fit their gun. Due to a recent hike in returns due to that information being ignored.. and due to the rising cost of labor, ink, packing materials, shipping costs, etc… we have no choice but to institute a 20% restocking fee on any part that was purchased by mistake if the customer did not avail themselves of the help we offered before hand. Thanks for understanding!”

Ed Strange, Wicked Grips LLC