5 Best Custom 1911 Grips

5 Best Custom 1911 Grips

May 23rd 2024

The Colt 1911 is an icon in the firearm world, a legend known for its reliability, robust design, and timeless appeal. Born out of necessity for a more potent sidearm during close-quarters combat, the Colt 1911 was officially adopted by the United States Armed Forces in 1911 (hence its name) and went on to become one of history's most iconic handguns.

Designed by the legendary John Browning, the Colt 1911 revolutionized handgun design. Its adoption marked a significant milestone in firearm technology, setting the standard for handguns for generations to come.

However, while the Colt 1911's stock grips provide functional utility, many enthusiasts seek to personalize their pistols with custom grips, whether to improve the ergonomics, enhance performance and handling, or just add some individuality to the appearance of the pistol.

In this guide, we'll delve into the world of custom 1911 grips, exploring offerings from renowned manufacturers such as Wicked Grips, Nighthawk Custom, VZ Grips, Magpul Industries, and Crimson Trace. From exotic materials to tactical enhancements, there's a perfect grip out there to elevate your Colt 1911 experience to new heights.

Best Custom 1911 Grips

1. Wicked Grips

Wicked Grips is synonymous with innovation and craftsmanship, offering a diverse range of custom grip options for 1911 pistols. Whether you have a Standard Fullsize, Officer, Slim, or Bobtail model, we have custom grips to fit your pistol.

Our selection includes grip panels made from exotic materials like a mammoth tooth and meteorite, which will make sure that your pistol gets noticed on every trip to the range.

Old school wood grips get a modern update with our desert ironwood and elder grips. Additionally, our machined aluminum grips feature deep engraving, which serves not only as artwork but also as an aggressive grip texture for a secure, firm grip.

We also have grips that feature combinations of materials, like our mammoth tusk, turquoise, and carbon fiber grips, which provide a unique blend of style and durability, perfect for those seeking a distinctive look.

Our Art Series features our in-house designed artwork, which is type II anodized into machined aluminum grip panels, and has a rough finish to aid grip.

We have both thin and standard grips and grip options available to fit 1911s from a wide range of gun manufacturers. Check outour fit guide to make sure that you're choosing the right grips for your gun. Our grips have cutouts to make them compatible with ambidextrous safeties and areentirely designed and manufactured in the United States.

Finally, in addition to our custom grip panels, we also sell decorative grip screws that will take your handgun grips up yet another notch.

2. Nighthawk Custom

Nighthawk Custom specializes incustom firearms in general, including grips, complete custom pistols, magazines, barrels, frames, mainspring housings, slides, and more. If you are into grips with texture, Nighthawk is a good option.

Within the category of grips, they have a hefty lineup of custom grip panels, as well as grip accessories like screws, bushings, and medallions so that every aspect of your 1911 grips can be tailored to your preferences.

Most of Nighthawk's options are for Government and Commander models, but they also have a few for Officer models, as well as a handful that work with Korth, Counselor, and Browning models.

Nighthawk uses materials such as textured G10 to deliver a blend of durability and aesthetics. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, Nighthawk Custom elevates the shooting experience.

3. VZ Grips

VZ Grips has been around since 2003 and got its start with the 1911 platform. VZ Grips specializes in grips with textures that are extremely durable.

This company primarily offers grips made from synthetic materials like G10, Micarta, and carbon fiber, which are incredibly durable and can stand up to just about anything your pistol is likely to encounter. Despite their focus on resilience, VZ Grips doesn't compromise on aesthetics.

While most of their options are synthetic, VZ Grips also offers wood variants, expanding their appeal to traditionalists and modernists alike. While their selection may not rival that of Wicked Grips in terms of variety, VZ Grips boasts a collection of exquisite designs that cater to discerning tastes.

4. Magpul Industries

While Magpul Industries is renowned for its accessories and gear, they only have a couple of grip options for the 1911 platform, both in the brand's famous MOE line.

Despite the limited selection, these are still really excellent pistol grips. While not as aesthetically intricate as other offerings, Magpul's two grips excel in tactical performance. The primary difference between the two is the texture, with one featuring Magpul's trapezoidal surface projections (TSP) and the other a less aggressive but still anti-slip texture.

Designed with functionality in mind, Magpul grips incorporate features such as an integrated mag release cutout and compatibility with ambidextrous safeties. While they may lack the ornate craftsmanship of other manufacturers, Magpul grips prioritize reliability and performance, making them a solid choice for shooters seeking a no-nonsense solution.

Magpul's options don't make as much of a bold statement as grips from companies like Wicked Grips, Nighthawk Custom, and VZ Grips, but Magpul does offer them in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Stealth Gray, and Olive Drab Green. They're alsoa more affordable option for shooters on a budget, ringing up around $20.

5. Crimson Trace

Another option for shooters who prioritize tactical functionality over aesthetic appeal, Crimson Trace offers an excellent combination of grip and laser sight. While not necessarily considered "custom grips" in the conventional sense, Crimson Trace grips offer a practical upgrade that enhances the functionality of your 1911 without sacrificing its classic silhouette.

Designed for those who value quick target acquisition and precision aiming, Crimson Trace grips feature polymer panels with a rubber over-molded activation button, ensuring intuitive operation even in high-pressure situations.

By integrating a laser sight directly into the grip, Crimson Trace allows you to enhance the tactical functionality of your sight system without the hassle of installing a rail system.

Find your new custom 1911 grip

Whether you prefer the luxurious allure of exotic materials, the durability of synthetic grips, or the tactical advantage of laser-integrated solutions, there's a perfect grip out there for you.

Before making your purchase, ensure that youchoose the correct grip size for your 1911 model, whether it be full size or compact. By investing in high-quality custom grips, you can enhance the visual appeal of your firearm or improve its handling and performance.

In the world of custom 1911 grips, there are a ton of options available for just about every taste and preference. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time buyer, take the time to explore the best 1911 grips from manufacturers like Wicked Grips, Nighthawk Custom, VZ Grips, Magpul Industries, and Crimson Trace, and elevate your shooting experience to new heights.