1911 grip pricing

1911 grip pricing

Posted by Ed Strange on Sep 1st 2023

Pricing has become something on everyone's radars over the last 2 years as post covid supply shortages drove prices up, with inflation afterwards driving them even higher. Some manufacturers adjust for these higher costs by cutting service, sourcing cheaper materials.. or even sourcing overseas. Others had no option but to raise prices. Our company went thru similar choices, and kept our commitment to being Made in America by bringing much of the manufacturing and finish work in house. This allowed us to maintain prices and even offer discounts, without sacrificing material or finish quality. 

Admittedly we did allow some less popular models to go out of stock, then be removed from our catalog. But this allows us to focus on what is most in demand and still be innovative in creating new designs and products. 

When it comes to the 1911 series of pistols, we decided to focus on a 3 tiered approach to products. Our "Art Series" grips would be our lowest priced tier... Offering a still expensive to produce G10 machined grip with a permanently bonded art surface so strong that we warranty them for life. 

The middle tier focuses on aluminum grips with our exclusive texture patterns, or our artist created engraved pieces. These bridge the gap between artistic form and true function, giving aggressive texture in the hand during shooting while looking like a piece out of the latest Hollywood blockbuster. These grips cost more than our Art Series due to the many hours of work and expensive finishes that go into each set. 

Lastly, our highest tier is our Exotics line. These 1911 grips are based on materials and design that are rare, precious and truly unique in design. While we do offer industry favorites like Mammoth tusk and tooth, we do strive to offer variations mixing gemstone, Carbon fiber and Organics that give the collector something truly bespoke. 

With this approach we strive to give each customer something truly new to add to their collections, backed up with true Made in American quality and a life time warranty against defects.