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Our 1911 custom parts and accessories page features our engraved 1911 recoil compensators, 1911 recoil spring plugs, and other custom 1911 parts to upgrade your pistol. Match your custom engraved 1911 accessories options across several categories of parts, like our engraved gun grips in the same art pattern! Find unique and tactical 1911 accessories at an affordable price.

Unlike other popular brands, Wicked Grips builds USA made parts and 1911 accessories finished in completely unique art patterns. Our 1911 recoil compensators replace the factory stock barrel bushing fitting into the slide in the same manner and serving as bushing and comp. The recoil compensator helps mitigate the recoil impulse from firing your handgun, redirecting exhaust gases. 

One of the most popular custom accessories for 1911, these upgrades are second only to gun grip sets and 1911 grip screws. All of our 1911 customization parts and 1911 grips are shipped for free.