Glock 9mm 1/2x28 Compensator THORN pattern

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Glock 9mm 1/2x28 Compensator THORN pattern
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Glock 9mm 1/2x28 Compensator THORN pattern


Our Glock 9mm threaded recoil compensator starts out life as a 416 stainless block. Precision machined right here in the USA. Each comp is then engraved in our exclusive art created by Kade Strange. 

Photos below show compensator installed on matching barrel. Barrel is not included but can be purchased separately.. the photo is to illustrate how the compensator fits and looks when attached. Pictured on Gen 4 Glock 19 for referrence. 

Our stainless steel 1/2x28 single port recoil compensator is deep engraved to match our Glock 19 threaded barrel, and can be purchased separately to complete the set. Deep engraved.. not just a surface etch but actual engraving. Compensator is a heavier 416 stainless, and may require more powerful ammunition or lighter weight recoil spring to operate. We suggest heavier weight bullets in the 124 Nato to 147 gr weights, and/or a 15lb recoil spring. Even with heavier weight bullets or more powerful +P factory ammunition, the comp will help tame recoil!

Our compensators will come with installation kit including set screws and allen wrench. Easy drop in part!

Please show care and follow all safety rules when working on your Glock Pistol. Always unload your firearm and check the chamber before attempting any work on your pistol. Again, be sure your firearm is unloaded before attempting any work. Wicked Grips recommends factory ammunition made to SAAMI specs. If you are unsure how to install a barrel or compensator, we recommend you have a qualified gunsmith install your parts.