Aug 25th 2023

The biggest problem most new gun users run into is the vast amount of confusing information.. conflicting information.. and the extremely tech-talk nature of the gun world. It took me decades of working in the industry to gain the knowledge I have.. I still learn something new daily. The industry moves to fast, and frankly, most new gun owners are not dedicated “hard core” gun fans willing to read gun facts for hours a day to become an expert. They want to know just enough to get what they want.. and that can cause problems.

By order of “the most confusing” on down, I will create a guide to help you navigate the various parts.. the guns they work with..and how to tell what you have. Hopefully, to the new gun owner reading this, this guide will give you the basic info you need to make your purchase with confidence. If you still are unsure, you can always email us!

  1. What grips fit my gun?

    First… what do you have? What is the model name? The company that made it? Once you know who made your gun, and the model, you can navigate the website to see if your gun’s model or manufacturer’s name is shown in a heading. If your model name, or manufacturer name is not shown, you can always use our search feature. For example.. You need grips for your Kimber Ultra Carry II, and are unsure which heading they’d fall under? Type the manufacturer (Kimber) and model (ultra carry II) into the search bar, and it pulls up “1911 Officers Model” grips. That would be the heading and category!
    If that has not worked for you.. have you tried reading the information that came with your pistol? Most 1911 manufacturers refer to their specific products under their own trademarked names, yet these guns all take the same grips. A Springfield 1911 Loaded model, would take the same grips and screws as a Dan Wesson Valor.. or a Colt 1911 Series 80.. or Wilson CQB… or Rock Island “Rock” series. A simple google search of your maker and model will usually give you a ton of info on your particular pistol, including size (in the case of 1911’s, Government, Commander, Officer, etc..).
    Lastly.. We picture our grips on various makes in the 1911 heading, and in the other categories, on the actual factory guns they are made for… For example, Smith & Wesson “J Frame” grips are pictured on several different models of smith & wesson revolvers that are J Frame sized guns. This is true for all pistol categories.. Sig.. CZ.. Desert Eagle. We do this to help you identify what will fit on your gun, and so you can tell exactly how it fits, and looks on actual pistols.
    If you are still confused about your 1911 choices… did you watch our video? We created a video to walk you thru identifying what your particular 1911 pistol takes… this should make it easy for most, as it visually guides you to identify the different frame sizes and grip shapes.
    If you are still not sure? Email us, and our friendly staff will walk you thru it!

  2. Do you make grips for polymer guns?

    No.. we do not. Without being rude, please, look at your gun. If it does not have screw attached removable panels that can be replaced with our grips, then your gun does not take grips. We do make parts for Glocks and offer accessories, but grips are not an option.

  3. Do all gun grips fit all guns?

    No.. they do not. Like clothing is made in different shapes and sizes, and in different materials… so are guns.. and so are grips. Grips are specific to the model of gun listed. This is the same for revolvers.

  4. Are grip screws interchangeable between guns?

    No.. they are not. Like grips, they are model specific. Like buying car parts, the screws needed for a “Ford” wont typically work on a “Honda”. I dont say this to be rude, but to educate, as we are asked this quite often, and have several customers a month who request returns for this reason. Please understand, you cannot purchase “blue opal” 1911 grip screws, and make them fit your Beretta 92FS. It will not work, you will damage the screws, and we cannot accept a return on damaged items. We list grip screws by model, to help alleviate any confusion… but again, we’re here to help if you have questions!

At the end of the day, we are here to help YOU… please dont hesitate to ask questions. We answer emails quickly, and always happy to walk you thru your purchase. Hopefully, some of the information above helps to break down some of the more confusing aspects of purchasing grips and screws. If not, let us know how we can do it better!


Ed Strange