The Best Custom Sig Setup for 2024: Our Expert Review

The Best Custom Sig Setup for 2024: Our Expert Review

Mar 21st 2024

SIG Sauer handguns, generally speaking, are good to go right out of the box. That’s just the truth. Modern SIGs shoot well, do so reliably, and are machined and assembled to a high standard of quality. Custom SIGs might not be something everyone needs. That said, we like to customize our guns a little bit and add some personal flair.

And if you made it here — we bet you do, too.

Luckily, customization is what Wicked Grips is all about, so you’ve come to the right place. To help with your customization, we’re going to take a look at the best custom SIG Sauer upgrades, starting with our own custom SIG grips, then we’ll look at our go-to competition trigger upgrades, followed by some custom slides and night sights.

Whether you’re looking for a fully-personalized SIG Sauer, or you just want to tweak some components here and there, we’ve got something for everyone. We’ve also stuck to things that most anyone can do with no gunsmithing experience required. So let’s dive right in.

Best Custom SIG Sauer Upgrades

Wicked Grips Custom Grips and Panels

Wicked Grips custom SIG handgun grips

Many SIG handguns will accept replaceable grip panels, which are a great way to upgrade your pistol's aesthetics and performance. Our grip inserts like the P320 AXG panel above are milled from billet aluminum and then finished with art from one of our in-house artists (Kade Strange created the We the People V5 pictured here).

We offer custom grips and inserts for the P938, P320 AXG, P238, and any SIGs (or other brands) that take 1911 grip panels.

These American-made, precision-designed grip panels add color and style to your handgun. But our textured panels can also improve your grip, which is the key to accurate and consistent shooting. Textured grips like the P226 panels below make follow-up shots much faster, and keep you on target during rapid strings of fire.

There’s a reason every pistol-focused firearm class teaches proper grip technique first.

A custom SIG p320 grip panel with black hexwave pattern

Textured grips, like the PVD-coated panels above, are a great start on the road to a custom SIG pistol. And they won’t break the bank either. They offer an instantly noticeable aesthetic upgrade, and the textured panels will make a big difference when shooting as well.

SIG Guy LLC Trigger Upgrade

After a grip, a better trigger is another common custom upgrade. SIG triggers are considerably better than the average pistol in the ~$500 price range, but they’re still not as good as a truly custom trigger.

A good place to start is with a SIG Guy LLC upgrade. If you have a P320 or a P365 then this kit is a great way to get everything you need for a custom trigger upgrade in one convenient package. This kit from the SIG Armorer is a great place to start for competition, and it’s a huge improvement over the factory trigger.

An aftermarket custom SIG P320 trigger kit

As you’d expect from the name, SIG Guy specializes in custom SIG parts, so you’re in good hands here. Everything SIg Guy sells is designed to work specifically with SIG pistols, and it has all been tested rigorously. You’ll also get detailed instructions and, in some cases, helpful videos that’ll show you how to install everything.

The P320 in particular features a drop-in fire control unit — AKA trigger — so installation is simple. We promise that anyone with basic DIY skills can knock this project out in under an hour.

Faxon Firearms Barrel Upgrades

Next up, barrels. Faxon is a big name in the barrel world, and one that you’ll hear a lot when talking about custom handguns (and rifles too). We’ve had great luck with them over the years, and they have a wide variety of styles and finishes available.

A threaded custom SIG Sauer barrel

The most common upgrade for a custom SIG Sauer pistol, or any custom handgun, is probably a threaded barrel like the one above. Most SIGs don’t come with a threaded barrel as a standard feature because, honestly, most people don’t need them. But if you want to add a suppressor or a compensator to your weapon, then you will obviously need a threaded barrel.

Even if you’re not planning to use a muzzle device, then a match-grade barrel is still a great functional upgrade. Something like the flame-fluted TiN PVD barrel below is a great way to get an eye-catching pop of color. You can even add laser engraving to get something truly personalized.

A gold-toned custom SIG pistol barrel

True Precision Custom SIG Pistol Slides

If you really want to get that custom pistol look, a custom-cut slide is one of the best options. Changes to the slide really alter a pistol’s silhouette and give it a different look. No one is going to look at a True Precision AXIOM slide and confuse it for stock equipment, especially if it’s laser engraved.

A custom SIG P365 with optic

These slides offer functional improvements too. Serrations can make manipulating the slide with wet or gloved hands easier, porting can reduce recoil when used with a ported barrel, and lightening cuts trim the slide’s reciprocating mass to further reduce recoil.

In other words, they’re great.

They look awesome, they improve the shooting characteristics of your gun, and you can install them in seconds. True Precision makes good stuff, but there are a variety of slides out there and you can really pick what suits your style best. There really is a custom slide for every taste, and there are some fantastic details on these.

Machining on the AXIOM line in particular is excellent in our experience, and True Precision does a great job of supporting their customers when they have questions too. This is another area where a personalized laser engraving can really kick things over the top as well.

A custom laser engraving, whether through the SIG Custom Works concierge service, a local dealer, or factory direct from True Precision or another vendor, is a great way to end up with an heirloom-quality custom firearm without spending a fortune.

Trijicon Night Sights

The sights on most SIG Sauer pistols are already a cut above the industry standard, and miles away from what you would find on something like a Glock. (No hate, but come on guys. We can do better than plastic sights with no illumination in 2024.)

If your SIG doesn’t come with night sights by default (it may have, depending on the model) go with something like these Trijicon P320 night sights or these P365 dovetail night sights.

Trijicon P320 Night Sights for Sig Sauer

Night sights do wonders for your shooting, no matter your skill level, and make target acquisition better in all lighting conditions. At a minimum, they’re a must for any defensive pistol in our opinion, and they’re great for competition and target guns as well.

Installation is relatively easy, though you may need a sight-pusher tool if you want to do this yourself. That said, you can take your gun to any gunsmith and they’ll be able to handle it for you relatively cheaply.

About Our Custom SIG Sauer Pistol Grips

Adding an upgraded grip panel to your SIG Sauer is a great way to get that custom look and feel without spending thousands of dollars on a truly one-off handgun — or at least without spending thousands all at once.

Each one of the grips you’ll find on our site is designed and machined in-house, and features art by our own artisans. We control every aspect of manufacturing, from initial design to machining raw materials — which may include anything from aircraft-grade aluminum to mammoth tusk fossil — to our custom finishing process.

A custom 1911 with mammoth tusk grips

This gives us industry-leading control over the finished product, and it’s what sets us apart from some of the competition. Our commitment to quality, American-made craftsmanship shines through in everything that leaves our shop, with each piece finished to our exact specifications and shipped directly to our customers.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our offerings as well. Whether you want something from our standard lineup of SIG grips or you want to order a truly unique, custom one-off grip, we have something for everyone.

Parting Shots

A fully custom SIG Sauer is a very achievable goal for most gun owners. Whether you’re looking to order everything at once, buy from a custom builder, or upgrade piece by piece, as most people do, you have a ton of options to make something truly special.

Wicked Grips could be the first step in creating something that really feels like a custom, one-off gun — something that’s truly yours.

A custom SIG P236 with samurai grips

We like to think our SIG grips are a great place to start, as they give you an immediately noticeable aesthetic upgrade while also improving the shooting characteristics of your gun. To that end, we offer artist-drive designs as well as purely functional textured grips so that no matter what you’re looking for out of your custom gun, we’ve got something for you.