AR grips fit more than AR's!

Sep 2nd 2023

There is no arguing that the AR15 is one of the most popular rifles for shooters to customize. There are dozens of well known parts and kit makers putting out custom build pieces for the AR family of rifles. There are over 100 lesser know small companies offering everything from barrels to sights, and every piece in between. Its adult Lego's on a scale that have never been seen before in our industry or sport. An entire industrial movement based on the idea of people building their own guns from build kits, while stressing "custom" features that make your finished firearm unique to you. Its not something you can walk in and buy off the shelf.

Granted, there is a wide margin in quality and cost. Some companies focused on "cheap" and plentiful but somewhat questionable quality. A smaller segment focused on quality at a higher price point. A select few made precision and accuracy the most important consideration with prices well above most peoples means. Guess which is the most sought after? If you guessed "precision" you would be correct. 

One side effect of this craze is that other firearms manufacturers are using this aftermarket as a cost savings measure in the production on non AR rifles and pistols. How so? They are using readily available parts and pieces intended for the AR in their production!

The upside to this? There are a lot of popular rifles and pistols that use AR parts like our AR pistol grips and rail covers. For instance? FN's SCAR series of rifles, the SCAR 16 and 17 both can be fit with our AR style pistol grip. As can the SIG MPX and MCX. And rifle or pistol that uses 1913 style rails can mount our rail covers as well. Hell, there are now MP5 aluminum lowers that not only use our AR grip, but allow you to use drop in AR triggers. 

Here's where things get fun. This means you can match your pistol to your rifle, to your carbine.. your SCAR.. your MPX or even your HK SP5 with the same overall theme. This is something few companies can offer. But we can. Not only can we, but we can do it in full custom options as well.

Imagine having your art or custom ideas turned into a matched theme that fits your CZ Shadow 2, or your Beretta M9A4 as well as your favorite 300 BO rifle, your 9mm carbine, and your 308 SCAR 17 or AR10? That's where Wicked Grips as a company really comes into our own. We are a manufacturer as well as a custom shop. Its this flexibility that allows us to take on custom projects with short lead times, while still manufacturing our regular lines of parts and accessories.