What grips fit my gun?

We have several options to help you find products that fit your particular gun. You can shop by BRAND, choosing your firearms brand to see compatible parts. You can also go to our PISTOL GRIP FIT GUIDE, and choose which model looks matches your firearms frame style. If neither of those help, please contact us and we will quickly respond to help guide you. 

What is Route and why is it in my cart?

Route is package protection. After decades of watching both USPS and UPS refuse to honor their insurance on lost or damaged items, we decided to make ROUTE available to our customers. For a small fee that is usually less expensive than insurance from the carriers, Route will email you tracking, SMS text you delivery information and updates, and Route will protect your package from loss or theft. If you have a problem with your package, simply contact Route within 15 days of purchase and file a claim. They respond quickly and replace your items if needed. 

If you do not want Route protection, simply unclick it on your check out page. However, please be advised, if you decline Route protection and USPS or UPS loses or damages your package, we cannot replace it for you. Sadly, we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items once they leave our facility. We strongly suggest you choose Route to protect your shipment.