1911 3D Metal Spring Plug – Winged Gothic Cross


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1911 3D Metal Spring Plug – Winged Gothic Cross series is based on a solid Brass or Aluminum Spring plug, which is fitted with our 3d insert. The 3D metal series inserts are made from a proprietary metal material we cast in house, and reinforce with a forged steel insert. Each spring plug is built to a level of detail that is not typically found in the gun industry, each part has features measured in microns!

Inserts are cast in Steel (grey color), Bronze and Brass. This metal material will polish and patina with age.

Our 1911 Spring plugs will fit both Government model 5″ barreled 1911’s, as well as the Commander series pistols with the 4-4.25″ barrels. Our Spring plugs are a drop in replacement for a standard style spring plug, NOT a hollow plug used with Full length guide rods. If your 1911 has a full length guide rod (typical of many Kimbers and some other makes), you can easily retro fit it with the short standard style “GI” guide rod and spring in our 1911 parts section, or from any online gun parts supplier.

You can retro fit your full length guide rod gun to use our plugs by simply swapping in a GI guide rod.Click here for our Guide rods and spring kits!

Installation: Care must be taken when installing to not allow the sharp edge of the bushing to mar the 3D Insert. You can apply a small piece of masking tape on the face of the plug, then be sure to use a non marring 1911 bushing wrench to install the plug. If you do not have the ability or tools to install, we suggest a reputable gunsmith.  Clean using normal gun cleaning products, CLP, FrogLube, or other non harsh Gun cleaning products. Using brake cleaner or other harsh chemicals will void your warranty.


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Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in
1911 Spring Plug Material

Aluminium, Brass

1911 Spring Plug 3D metal insert

Aluminum Metal Insert, Brass Metal insert, Bronze Metal insert, Steel Metal insert