Our aluminum RUGER SP101 CUSTOM GRIPS are made in the USA, then finished in our exclusive art. Each art design is a limited series, and completely unique in the gun world. The finish of each grip is stronger than the Ruger factory grip, giving you a lifetime of enjoyment without worrying about damage from daily carry. These grips replace the small plastic insert in your rubber factory grip, and come with a new replacement screw.


Please click on photo to see product description page before ordering.


“Note: We strive to give each customer as much information as possible before they make a purchase. Videos, descriptions, and phone/email support are all provided in order to educate the customer on what will, or will not fit their gun. Due to a recent hike in returns due to that information being ignored.. and due to the rising cost of labor, ink, packing materials, shipping costs, etc… we have no choice but to institute a 20% restocking fee on any part that was purchased by mistake if the customer did not avail themselves of the help we offered before hand. Thanks for understanding!”

Ed Strange, Wicked Grips LLC

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