CZ-75 Gemstone Grip Screws

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    CZ-75 Custom Gemstone Grip Screws

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CZ-75 Gemstone Grip Screws

FOR STEEL FRAME ONLY: Custom CZ75 Grip Screws for the iconic CZ family of pistols including: CZ-75, CZ75 Compact Frames, CZ-97, CZ-82, CZ-83, CZ P06, CZ P01, TZ-75, CZ-85, CZ Shadow 2, EAA Witness


Each screw kit (set of two) is made right here in Flint Michigan USA, then hand polished. Finally, each gem is set by hand by one of our artisans. The polished stainless screw goes with any gun finish and grip style, while also allowing the gem color to take center stage.

We have many different colors & styles of gemstones for those wanting a true custom look.

Each set of two comes with tool bit to fit screws… Each screw is designed to work with the factory grips, our Wicked Grips versions, as well as other after market grips with correct factory dimensions.