Pistol Grip Fit

Each category of grips listed below will list some of the most common model names and companies that our grips will fit… If you are unsure about your particular fit needs, please feel free to email us at ed@wickedgrips.com and we will advise you on what will work for you!


1911 Pistol / Handgun grips

We make several categories based on the various designs that are available for the 1911 family of pistols. Click on your model below for more information.


The standard GI style 1911 pistol. Standard fitment includes standard thickness of .250, a semi bevel that fits most models, even with a magwell bottom, and discreetly fit for an ambi safety. This model will fit standard 1911 style guns in the Government and Commander sizes. There are literally hundreds of models our grips fit, so we cannot list them all. Some more common models are listed below.

  • Colt 1911 Series 70
  • Colt 1911 Series 80
  • Colt Delta Elite
  • Colt Commander
  • Kimber “Custom” models
  • Kimber “Pro” models
  • Springfield Range Officer
  • Springfield TRP
  • SW1911 (not round butt)
  • Ruger sr1911
  • Rock Island Armory TAC FS and MS

The standard style compact frame 1911 Officer model grip is shorter than the fullsize, but has the same thickness of .250. It uses the same screws as the regular 1911 as well, so our hardware works for any of the standard thickness models listed. This model is the compact carry version of the 1911 pistol, with many companies making many models, some of the most common are listed below.

  • Colt Defender
  • Colt Officers model
  • Rock Island Ultra TAC CS
  • Kimber “Ultra” models
  • Springfield compact 1911
  • Citadel Compact M1911
  • Sig compact 1911
  • Dan Wesson ECO

The Ed Brown style bobtail can be found on several makers guns, like these listed below.

  • Ed Brown Bobtail models
  • Dan Wesson CBOB
  • Dan Wesson Guardian
  • Dan Wesson VBOB
  • Kimber Super Carry Series

As the title suggests, this model is for the Sig Nightmare series with the Fast back roundbutt profile.

These grips fit the same guns, but are thinner in cross section for those with smaller hands, and require thin / slim grip screws and bushings for the frame, which we also carry. Some guns come from the factory already set up for Slim / Thin grips… if your grip panels are much thinner than .250 (1/4″).. from .180-.170 depending on manufacturer, you have slim / thin grips. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will advise you.

Grip Fits

Below you will find many close up photographs, showing the level of fit that we put into each & every set of grips… custom order, or sold on the website.

We spend many hours hand fitting each & every set to actual guns… to assure the closest possible level of fit. each line… grip screw hole location & depth… relief cut & edge have to meet our high standards.

Bevels on standard 1911 panels have to match, in angle, cove & shape on each side. They have to be mirrored to meet our standards.

Pistol Grip Fit from Wicked Grips

Bobtails have to have even & precise double beveling, as well as match the curve of the frame to exactness. Side edges must mirror, so when viewed from behind, the grips match the gun and each other.. perfectly. Bobtails are made to order, and are not converted 1911a1 grips… to assure this level of fit.

Pistol Grip Fit from Wicked Grips Pistol Grip Fit from Wicked Grips

Pistol Grip Fit from Wicked Grips

Magwell fits must have even fit on the “broken”edge, as well as mate to the bottom edge of the grip frame so as to assure a seamless look.

Pistol Grip Fit from Wicked Grips

Safety levers must nest into the grip panel as seamlessly as possible, while still allowing coverage of the plunger tube…. a style of fit we pioneered.

Pistol Grip Fit from Wicked Grips

Right panel tops, and magwell bottoms have a precise, hand cut broken edge to allow for comfort, as well as style.

Pistol Grip Fit from Wicked Grips